Port Isabel High School parents and students call for reinstatement of band director

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PORT ISABEL, Texas (ValleyCentral) — On Thursday Port Isabel High School parents and students called for the reinstatement of band director Scott Hartsfield.

Hartsfield resigned on Aug. 25 following an overlap in the schedule for band and athletics. Parents said the change was made by the district superintendent and they said she can reverse the decision. Some parents and students are still frustrated over the schedule.

“We don’t want Hartsfield leaving quietly, we want him to come back and we don’t think it’s too late. They changed the schedule one way, they can change it back the other way,” said Clifford Fleming, a concerned parent. 

Last week, a similar protest was held because of schedule changes that would put both band and athletics first period when normally athletics would take place after school, causing students to choose between one or the other. Parents at the protest said now that there is no band director, students are having to teach one another.

“They’re having upperclassmen, a senior doing it in high school and an 8th grader teaching the younger ones in junior high, that’s not supposed to be done in a school district,” said Port Isabel Band Booster President Lorena Hernandez Gonzalez.

The district released a statement that said:

“Point Isabel ISD administration has made changes to resolve the situation involving scheduling conflicts between students participating in both the band program and football program so that students can fully participate in both programs without any scheduling conflicts.”

Point Isabel ISD

Now, students at the school said they are being met with a different situation.

“We’ve got the athletics kids from 11th and 12th graders telling us where’s your director, oh he’s not coming back, sucks for you guys,” said Adrian Jimenez, a 9th grader at Port Isabel High School.

Point Isabel also commented on bullying incidents in their statement which said:

“Bullying is not tolerated at any level and the district adheres to its anti-bullying policy.” The district adds students should report any incidents to an administrator or counselor. 

As far as what is to come, the students said all they want is for the district to hear them out and bring the band together.

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