Port Isabel High School band director resigns after schedule overlap with athletics

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PORT ISABEL, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A schedule change at Port Isabel High School left many parents, students, and faculty members upset.

On Wednesday, those affected gathered outside the high school to protest the new schedule. The change caused an overlap and is forcing students to choose between the two activities.

“You’re in high school you’re supposed to be having fun not choosing between what you can do and what you can’t do, we’re a small community,” said Juliann Hernandez, a recent graduate from Port Isabel High School.

Hernandez added she is shocked about the situation and said it has never been an issue. This is why she doesn’t understand why there is an issue now.

“They didn’t argue, they figured something out,” she said. “I would do one practice one day another day another practice or a few hours doing half and half, but it’s never come to this point.”

Parents are calling on the superintendent to change the schedule back to normal and allow students to choose the extracurricular activities they want to be a part of. 

“They don’t need any more stress as to what they need to pick and choose. They don’t need to be bullied and be told ‘oh you just need to be in athletics, no you just need to be in band’, no, and Mr. Hartsfield has never done that,” said Lorena Hernandez Gonzalez a parent and president of the Port Isabel Band Booster Club.

After announcing the schedule change, Port Isabel Band Director Scott Hartsfield put in his resignation. Hartsfield denied to comment, but students and parents are hopeful for his return.

“I just hope we get him back, I really do, we all need him,” said Hernandez. “We’ve all been affected not just his students but the kids, the teachers, the parents, we’ve all been affected by it.”

ValleyCentral reached out to the Point Isabel ISD superintendent multiple times about the situation but has not heard back from the time this story was published.

Parents said the superintendent told them a resolution was going to be made. 

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