Pope Francis Considering Ordaining Married Men as Priests

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February 07 2021 06:00 pm

The shortage of priests in the Catholic Church is forcing Pope Francis to consider different solutions. One would be to ordain married men.

In a recent interview with a German newspaper, the pope signaled some openness to ordaining married men. It would help fight the shortage of priests in several parts of the world. It’s a topic that has raised eyebrows everywhere, including the RGV.

Debbie Gilmore from Oklahoma City said, “I think it should be done. There have been so many things that have happened in the past, and I just think that the way the future is changing, and the Pope has change things, and I think that’s one thing they should consider.”

Juan Pimentel from San Antonio said, “I think a priest should be a priest and be pure to the Catholics, because it’s a sacrifice that he does to be a priest.”

Others say it just depends what parts of the world the new priests will be going to.

Ibis Banda from New York, “It should depend on the customs of the people, where these new fathers are going to go to. Maybe the population as well. It all depends if it’s a big population, maybe yes or no, if it’s a small population, may not so much because people are going to talk about it.”

Pope Francis has made clear that the possibility of having female priests is very low, but some say it’s time to give women a chance.

Debbie Gilmore, “We’ve always been in the background, and we’re the ones that actually do so much work for God. The way times are changing, it’s time for women to take a stand and be considered to be priests.”

In the interview the pope also added that the church shouldn’t be afraid of encountering change.

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