Pool services feeling impact of chlorine tablet shortages

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MISSION, Texas (KVEO) — Shortages of chlorine tablets used to keep pools clean have been reported as the summer approaches. A pool service company is trying to adapt to the loss. 

Sabrina Hernandez, owner of Leicar Hot Tubs, Pools, and More said it has been stressful as their manufacturer and distributors are not able to provide the materials they normally use.

“Chlorine tablets are very important for the pool’s water chemistry because when your chlorine levels go down then, of course, your pools get green with algae, and then you’re not able to use them,” said Hernandez. 

Hernandez states normally they would get chlorine tablet shipments within two weeks.

“Now with everything that’s going on our manufacturer has notified us that orders are going to take anywhere from six to eight weeks or possibly even 10 weeks,” said Hernandez. 

As for customers, she says they are already starting to worry. 

“Customers were calling the store saying ‘can you reserve some buckets for me’ or just coming in to try to buy a lot.”

They have now put limits on how many can be purchased at a time.

In the meantime, Hernandez urges customers to keep their pool clean. 

“We just are asking customers to please stay ahead of the water chemistry and make sure they’re vigilantly putting in their chemicals, their oxygenizers, sanitizers just keeping up with it so it doesn’t get green,” said Hernandez. “Then it actually takes more work into more chemicals being put in to clear up the water.”

Hernandez hopes the shortages end so they could get back to business as normal.

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