What looks like candy to children may contain 300 milligrams of THC, an active stimulant found in marijuana.

McAllen Police along with state and federal agencies seized multiple imitation candy packages containing THC on Feb. 15. in a residence located on 25th street and Lindberg Avenue.

Lt. Joel Morales, McAllen Police, “This product here, this contraband is designed to imitate commercially available candy. If you look at the packaging of these products it appears that it’s targeting children because it’s got all these little names of candy that children like and it appeals to them.”

Lt. Morales advises those who have purchased the product to be aware of their surroundings if they have children at home. “I don’t think a child will go in there and purchase one. But somebody that has purchased this contraband and that child looks at it they may believe it is candy. That’s the concern. We don’t want it to get into the hands of a child and they consume something that contains marijuana.” 

Authorities are not releasing information regarding the men arrested. This case remains under investigation.