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A Texas police officer was mistreated at a fast food restaurant in the Houston-area. A worker flat-out refused to serve him. The police department and McDonalds are now joining forces to spread a positive message.

Under the golden arches at this Brenham, Texas McDonald’s, it appears one employee recently forgot all about the golden rule.

According to Brenham Police, an off duty officer went to the chain to grab a bite to eat. That’s when Brenham PD says the employee refused to serve him. Simply because he’s a police officer.

Chief Craig Goodman of the Brenham Police Department said, “I was disappointed because it’s uncommon. In her (the employee’s) particular case, her son is in custody for a serious offense and she just doesn’t have a pleasant view or positive view of law enforcement.”

The incident came as a shock, especially since this McDonald’s is a staple in the community and has always supported law enforcement.

Chief Goodman says, “We live in a community that is very supportive and we have this great relationship great partnership.”

The officer did end up eating at the chain after a manager stepped in to serve him. McDonald’s is saying this was an isolated incident. Brenham PD says it won’t hold a grudge.

Chief Goodman added, “We are not going to judge by actions of one employee and paint a wide brush and say all McDonald’s employees feel the same way.”

McDonalds said the company has always been supportive of police officers. After the incident, the franchise owners of the store went to the Brenham Police Department and apologized in person.

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