MERCEDES, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Mercedes police located a stash house with over 30 migrants on Thursday.

The stash house was located at the 600 block of South Washington Avenue in Mercedes. Mercedes PD told ValleyCentral that they were investigating several burglaries of apartments in the area when they went to the residence.

The residence ended up being a stash house with 35 to 40 migrants inside. Among those, two were children and one was a newborn. The majority of the migrants claimed to be from El Salvador.

Border Patrol was then notified.

At the scene, authorities recovered several stolen items, including: refrigerators, washers, dryers and contractor material.

The items were gathered and returned to the victims.

Two men and one woman were taken into custody in connection to the incident. Investigators determined that they were involved in the burglaries. Two vehicles were seized. No drugs or weapons were found at the time, police said.