BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Brownsville Police Department K-9 officer found four bundles of cocaine in a truck left in the Sunrise Mall parking lot, police said.

On Thursday, an officer was conducting a routine check of the parking lot at Sunrise Mall when they noticed a white Ford F-150 on the north side by itself, a post by the Brownsville Police Department stated.

There was no one in the vehicle but it “caused concern” because the driver’s side window was left open and it was raining, according to the post.

The officer also noted that the key was left in the ignition. An officer arrived with a K-9 officer named Bako, who began sniffing the vehicle.

Bako alerted officers of drugs in the car, and officers began checking the interior since the driver’s side door was left open.

Bako led officers to a checkered bag, which contained four bundles of cocaine, police said.

“Officer Bako called it a day and went home for his well-deserved rest,” the post stated.