Editor’s Note: This story has been updated with new details.

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A spokesperson for Tisha Campbell, who released a statement after feeling she almost fell victim to human trafficking, released a statement saying the incident did not take place in the city of Brownsville.

Brownsville police released a statement following national headlines that the incident released in Campbell’s social media had taken place in the city a Brownsville.

Monday morning, a Spokesperson for Tisha Campbell reached out to ValleyCentral to clarify details of her stay in the area.

The Spokesperson stated the actress had been staying at a hotel in South Padre Island, not Brownsville.

Brownsville police had released a statement to address the situation after multiple media outlets reported the incident had taken place in their city.

Campbell warned fans on her Instagram account after having a run-in with what she believed to be human traffickers, telling followers “Don’t freak out but I think I almost got snatched up.” The actress had been filming an independent movie set that includes details of human trafficking in the area.

After calling a taxi service from a number given by someone at the hotel, Campbell spoke on how two men pulled up in what she described as “a sketchy van” and demanded that she get in the vehicle.  Refusing to get in the vehicle, one of the men in the driver’s seat then jumps into the conversation and demanded she get into the vehicle, she said.

Not feeling safe, Campbell said she refused. The actress states that the front desk worker told her the phone number wasn’t the normal one for the taxi company. The actress noted in a statement that she believed “it was a setup, for real.”

I felt it important for ppl to be aware. I need for EVERYONE to be overly conscious of themselves and their loved ones… I am thankful to the production for their concern and their understanding.

Tisha Campell

The Spokesperson has now confirmed to ValleyCentral the story did not take place in Brownsville.

ValleyCentral will be contacting South Padre Island authorities for a statement.