HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — The popular animated franchise, Pokémon, is celebrating its 25th birthday and McDonald’s is in on the celebration by including Pokémon toys in a Pickachu Happy Meal box. Meanwhile, boxes of the toys are popping up on eBay, leaving fans wondering if they will even have a chance to collect them all.  

Pokémon fans, young and old, rushed to the McDonald’s drive-thru on Tuesday to get their hands on a bright yellow Pikachu Happy Meal, containing a pack of four 25th anniversary edition cards.  

Courtesy: KVEO

Just like any pack of collectible cards, the ones you get are completely random, and people are making multiple trips or buying multiple happy meals for a chance to collect all 50 of the released cards.  

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Each toy comes with a pack of cards and additional stickers.

McAllen resident, Michael Basaldua made a vlog about his trip to McDonald’s Tuesday. Recognizing the potential value of the card and Pokémon market, he mentioned he hoped his pack came with the holographic Pikachu.  

“I saw a friend post up on social media what they got from the Happy Meal and I was excited because it brought back memories from my adolescents. I’m now 34 but still love and appreciate Pokémon and anime shows in general,” said Basaldua.  

Basaldua opened his pack of cards in his vlog and while it did not contain the Pikachu card he hoped, he was still able to enjoy his first Happy Meal in 25 years.  

Naturally, people are already trying to make a profit off the cards, selling individual cards and even boxes unopened packs on eBay.  

Individual holographic cards are going for about the price as of two Happy Meals, but the sale of entire boxes of unopened cards has many raising an eyebrow at the principles of those selling them.  

The boxes, containing 150 packs are going for anywhere between $700 and $1,000 USD.  

Many took to Twitter to vent their frustrations about people selling these boxes, fearing they may take away the opportunity for people to collect them all.  

People online are speculating that people are stealing the boxes that are later being sold.  

KVEO has reached out to McDonald’s to find out how people are obtaining these boxes, we are waiting to hear back.  

Some people are claiming the McDonalds they went to has a limit on how many Pokémon toys you can get.

While there are no reported shortages or limits in the Rio Grande Valley, Basaldua hopes everyone who wants a pack of cards can get one. “I would hope they eventually put a limit on it,” he said.  

The Pokémon cards and boxes are available for a limited time and while supplies last.