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Point Isabel ISD

Great news for students at Point Isabel ISD this morning.

     They are now one of five sites across the state to receive a $500,000 dollar grant from Raise Your Hand Texas. 

“Technology as you know is the way the world is going so you know this initiative allows us to better utilize that and more tools for our students to excel in the classroom,” says Furcron.

Point Isabel ISD Board President Mickey Furcron is referring to the Raise Your Hand Texas’ blended learning program to be implemented at Point Isabel ISD.

“We’re vey excited, we’re the only district in south Texas, that’s been selected and to have this opportunity to showcase, the great work we do everyday would be just wonderful for the district,” says superintendent Dr. Lisa Garcia.

The 10 month rigorous and competitive process that begun with over 70 school districts across the state has ended with only 5 sites across Texas. The focus? Transforming the classroom environment through individualized student learning with devices.

“Best way to describe it is organized chaos in the classroom, it’s okay to have students standing up and exploring. It’s not going to look like your traditional classroom with a desk of rows and a teacher at the front. This is student centered learning,” says technology director Dymphna Canales.

The $500,000 dollar grant as well as implementation support from local suppliers, is expected to change Point Isabel classrooms during the next three years.

“And kids can excel in ways we never imagined possible,” says Furcron.

For more information on Raise Your Hand Texas as well as the raising blended learners program. You can visit their website at raiseyourhandtexas.org.

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