PORT ISABEL, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Point Isabel Independent School District is considering a four-day school week to help with teacher planning and student success. 

“We are looking at this possibility because we want to ensure that we are providing our students with the very best instruction,” Teri Capistran, Point Isabel ISD Superintendent said.

She said Texas schools have felt the burden of teacher shortages since the pandemic.

“Our teachers work well beyond the regular school day. Our teachers stay after school and tutor our students,” Capistran said.

Capistran explained that the four-day school week will allow teachers an extra day to prepare for the following school week.

She added that it is also a way to support, recruit and retain staff. 

Capistran said meetings and surveys were conducted and teachers and parents are showing interest. 

“We had 86% of our staff responding that they would be in favor of a four-day school week. 74% of our parents that responded to the survey responded with they are either in favor, four-day or five day either was okay or were undecided,” she said.

If approved, Point Isabel ISD would be the second district in the Valley to adopt this method.

A four-day school week was implemented this year at Santa Rosa and district officials said the feedback has been positive. 

“We recently took a survey in the district and out of 106, 80 of them said they were pleased with the four-day work week,” Juan Esparza, Santa Rosa ISD Board Vice President said.

He said there have been no teacher resignations this school year.  

Esparza added that members of the community are also pleased with their new school calendar.

Capistran said if the new calendar is approved there will be an option for students to still go to school on the fifth day for an enrichment program and for school meals.

According to Capistran, another parent meeting and survey will be conducted before deciding on the change. 

Capistran said they are expected to make a final decision next month and implement the change the next school year.