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Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)-When you play the odds in Vegas it is important to remember that the house always wins. If you play the odds this hurricane season you might win or you might lose.

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When looking back to 1967, and hurricane Beulah, it is easy to see that hurricane landfall here in the Rio Grande Valley takes a fairly consistent cadence.

Over the last 54 years 6 hurricanes made landfall, in one form or another, along the Rio Grande Valley; that breaks down to about a nine year average, once every nine years.

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Since hurricane Hanna hit in 2020 the numbers would suggest the RGV can breathe easy for much of the rest of the decade. Don’t you believe it! Our Hurricane frequency is governed by many different elements, none of which know how to do mathematical averages.

All it will take is for one of those elements to shift in the slightest and we could be looking at a serious hurricane threat this coming season or any to follow.


Think back to 2010, just two years after Dolly, hurricane Alex plowed into Mexico to our south bringing much beneficial water to our region.

Hurricane Emily came this way, just missing us in 2005, three years before Dolly (2008), not to mention any number of tropical storms brushing by us in the those in-between years from the late 60’s to the present.

Putting two dollars down on the lottery is one thing but risking your life or property on whether a hurricane will or won’t strike is a bad bet. The National Weather Service has a saying, “it only takes one.” It only takes one hurricane to make hurricane season bad for you.

The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season begins June1st.

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