MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Keep McAllen Beautiful is offering tree planting advice to the public during peak planting season in the Rio Grande Valley.

According to the initiative, the best time for tree planting in the Rio Grande Valley is between October and February. This gives young trees time to develop roots that can withstand the intense summer heat in the Valley.

When planting a tree, Keep McAllen Beautiful suggests digging a hole in a regular shape rather than round and keeping the sides rough and uneven. The hole should be at least twice as wide as the diameter of the tree container and no deeper than the container, the city stated. When placing your tree in the hole, it should sit one-inch above ground level.

After taking the plant out of its container, it is important to remove any excess soil around the roots on the bottom, especially if they have begun to circle the pot.

Once the tree has been placed in the hole and is standing straight it is time to backfill the hole with the same soil you dug out. Tap the soil down and create a small border about 3 feet in diameter around the tree to contain water. When watering it is important to water slowly until water puddles to the berm.

Once topped, add mulch and keep it 4 in away from the stem of the plant.

The recommended watering schedule to follow is as follows:

  • During the first month, it is recommended to water three times a week
  • During the second month, it is recommended to water twice a week
  • During the third month, it is recommended to water once a week
  • And twice a month for the remainder of the first year