HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and nail salons across the Rio Grande Valley are becoming busier than ever.

But what exactly is trending for 2023? ValleyCentral spoke with April Marie Grigsby, the owner of local Girl Gang Nail Studio in McAllen, about popular nail designs for this Valentine’s season.

The most-requested style

“The most popular request we’ve been getting is French tip with heart accents and tips with stone accents,” Grigsby said.

The nail studio owner shared that ’90s trends are making a coming back this Valentine’s season — even in nail design.

The most-popular shape

“The most-popular shape right now is almond. However, the square is making a huge comeback,” the Girl Gang Nail Studio owner said. “Along with those ’90s trends is that ’90s shape that everyone’s super into. Of course, they are more modern, like it’s more flattering now.”

Pampering is personal

During Valentine’s Day season, nail salons see an increase of customers. However, such pampering happens year-round.

“I feel like women do these things for themselves,” Grigsby said. “It’s amazing to see what we can do to give them that little serotonin boost. The holidays are just an excuse for them to get that little boost that they need to pick them up for that month, that day or that week.”

Grigsby told ValleyCentral that she enjoys seeing clients practice self-love with a manicure-pedicure ritual.

“It’s a great feeling to make people feel beautiful about themselves. Even though it’s something as small as a nail design, it is a great feeling. It’s a lot of satisfaction that we get from our job.”