‘Pets are just like people’: Local experts urge public to keep pets safe this Fourth of July

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — This year people are celebrating the Fourth of July bigger than ever.

Luis Quintanilla, Executive Director for the Humane Society of Harlingen, said pet owners need to be more vigilant of their pets and prepare them for the holiday.

“It’s frightening so the best thing to do is keep them indoors, keep them safe, and away from any of those fireworks,” said Quintanilla. 

According to Quintanilla, he did not know how big of an impact fireworks have on pets until he started working with animals.

“I started realizing the effects that it has on the poor pets,” said Quintanilla. 

Quintanilla advises pet owners to help their pets adapt to the area they will be in for the holiday in order to help relieve stress.

“Pets are just like people, we take time to adjust to new environments and that’s just the same thing with animals,” said Quintanilla.

Quintanilla advises pet owners to consider microchipping their pets in case they ever get lost.

“That’s the best thing you can possibly do because if someone finds them they can at least be scanned and reunited with their family,” he said. 

Quintanilla said there are many places throughout the valley that offer a low microchip cost.

The Humane Society of Harlingen offers it every day, said Quintanilla.

“It’s super quick, super easy, and it’s permanent,” said Quintanilla.

Anyone who is in need of help deciding further options for their pets’ safety is advised to reach out to the Humane Society of Harlingen Veterinarian or Local Shelter.

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