An online petition that has gone across social media demands the resignation of UTRGV President Guy Bailey as the Vaqueros mascot controversy grows.

David Hernandez created Resign as President of University of Texas ” Rio Grande Valley effective immediately earlier this week.

Hernandez writes, Mr. Bailey, in the recent controversy with your proposal of the new mascot, you have repeatedly shown that you lack the necessary skills to lead us as President of the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. You have consistently ignored the voice of the students, alumni, and of the community. You have even ignored a petition that has over 10,000 signatures. Your stubbornness knows no bounds! And the fact that this mascot decision was even made before you heard input from the surveys and committees proves you are incapable of fulfilling your role as President.

More than 200 people have signed the petition, requesting Bailey to resign.

Those who have signed their name to the request commented, We need a real leader who cares about the student body and values our input. Democracy Now! and CULTURE ISN’T A MASCOT!!

The petition comes after students at the University of Texas ” Pan American and the University of Texas ” Brownsville protested Vaqueros which is UTRGV TMs mascot.

Vaqueros was chosen after UTRGV President Bailey recommended the choice, and was made official Nov. 6th after the UT Board of regents voted.

He spoke with Action 4 News and said he stands by the decision and it is final.

Bailey was chosen as the president for UTRGV earlier this year.

His resume includes being the president of multiple universities such as Texas Tech University, The University of Alabama and the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

You can see the petition here.