Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)—Students with the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley created a petition to terminate a political science professor, claiming the professor told a student to “stop saying stupid comments and move to Venezuela.” 

The petition, organized on Change.org, commends Professor Michael DeLor. According to the Universities’ website, DeLor works for the political science department.

More than 800 people have signed this petition in support of DeLor’s termination. The petition’s goal is set at 1,000.

“UTRGV is a university with a Latinx majority student body, we should not allow professors who attack students and bigots in general on our campus.” reads the petition.

In a series of tweets from an account attributed to DeLor that has since been deleted, DeLor claimed “Democrats are pedophiles,” that Democrats are “sick bastards,” and that liberal women are “ugly, mean, and most of them smell.” Another twitter user saved screenshots of those tweets and shared them with UTRGV Friday morning.

Officials with UTRGV said they are aware of the concerns expressed against DeLor and are currently reviewing the situation.

“UTRGV is aware of complaints regarding a faculty member’s alleged behavior during class and is currently reviewing the situation.” reads the statement “UTRGV is also aware of concerns expressed about the faculty member’s statements on social media and wants to emphasize that the opinions shared by the faculty member on their personal social media account are their own and do not represent those of UTRGV in any way.”
“UTRGV remains committed to promoting access, diversity, and inclusion to ensure all members of our campus community can learn, work, and succeed in a safe and respectful environment free from discrimination. At the same time, UTRGV recognizes the right of all our students, faculty and staff to express personal opinions as private citizens, so long as it is clear such opinions are not those of the institution.”
“If any member of our campus community believes that discrimination is occurring in UTRGV programs or activities, they are encouraged to make a report through Vaqueros Report It or with our Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity.” reads the statement.