BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Getting a new pet can be exciting, but according to pet experts, it comes with responsibility and commitment.

As shelters and rescuers make efforts to find animals new homes, a local rescuer said it is important to keep in mind preparation is important.

“Different breeds have different needs. Just because a dog is cute, doesn’t mean it fits your lifestyle,” said the treasurer and rescuer of Donja’s Dogs, Wendy Conger.

Conger said Donja’s Dogs has been rescuing animals for eleven years and she has seen and heard a lot of questions about adopting.

“A lot of people ask if they’re potty trained, a lot of people want an instant pet. They want it to be perfect. You don’t get that, you have to work at it, they have to bond with you,” said Conger.

She explained the importance of being mindful of the safety of your pet and family when taking a new pet home.

“You got to be careful with kids, the smaller the kid, they don’t understand, you bring a stray you just brought home, this dog might be scared of the kids and the kids are going to run up and grab them, they may nip,” she said.

Conger recommended taking a pet to a veterinarian for a wellness check when you first adopt your new pet.

“The shelter checks for what they can, they vaccinate when they come in, but we don’t know what they’re exposed to before,” said Conger.

Javier Parra, a veterinarian technician at Weekend Vet in Brownsville said pet diseases like parasitic infections, heartworm disease, distemper, and parvo are common in the Rio Grande Valley.

“We see a lot of these diseases here because of the climate, they are very unique diseases because of our climate,” said Parra.

He explained that keeping up with vaccines and prevention can help avoid a deadly outcome for pets.

“Educating and reminding the community and letting some of our community members know that these vaccines are available through their veterinarian, these tests are available through their veterinarian, might help out a lot,” explained Parra.