Permitless carry bill awaits Gov. Abbott’s signature

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HARLINGEN, Texas — A bill that will allow Texans to carry handguns without a permit now sits on Governor Greg Abbott’s desk.

That bill, which has been heavily supported by Republicans, cleared a final hurdle Monday. The governor could sign the bill into law this week, and it is welcome news for Rio Grande Valley gun owners.

“One of the pros is that all able-bodied Texans will be able to carry a firearm in most everyday situations. That will be one of the biggest deterrents of unwanted crime, unwanted harm. It will be a good habit to Texans,” said Gilbert Garza, manager, Massey’s Gun Shop and Range.

Even though a permit will not be necessary to carry a gun, Massey’s Gun Shop and Range do encourage everyone to take the online course with Texas DPS as well as attend one of the store’s gun safety classes.

Getting a permit also allows you to carry your handgun in other states that accept Texas permits.

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