PENITAS, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Peñitas Community Food Pantry building is falling apart.

Pantry manager Sharon Child who has worked in the pantry for nearly 18 years said the pantry has endured multiple natural disasters over the past 25 years.

Peñitas Community Food Pantry; Credit: Iris Karami KVEO

However, she said the demand is high and they need to work quickly to build a new facility.

“The need is so great that this building is going to come down if we don’t do something quickly,” said Child.

The facility’s structure has begun to crumble, literally beneath their feet, according to Child.

“We are falling through the floor. The floor is being held up with floor jacks at this time,” said Child. “The soffits are gone, the roof is shaking the building is destroyed basically. It cannot buffet another hurricane.”

The pantry used to be a home, however, it is not equipped with a restroom to accommodate over 20 volunteers during food drives, said Child.

Over the past two years, people in the surrounding areas have lost their jobs and continue to suffer due to inflating prices of living, according to Child.

Child added they served nearly 700 people every month and the need continues to rise.

“Our area runs from the river to approximately 7 miles and from La Joya to Abram road,” said Child. “Because so many of the people have lost their jobs or have very low-income jobs, and with the expenses being what they are, the need is very great.”

Penitas Baptist Church; Credit: Iris Karami KVEO

The Penitas Baptist Church operates the pantry and their goal is to raise at least $50,000 to entirely rebuild the food pantry to continue serving the community.

“We serve a very needy community and that is the mission that God has given us is to help this community,” said Child.

To donate to the Peñitas Community Food Pantry, you can send money to their online donation drive here.

To send mail-in donations to P.O. Box 215, Penitas, TX.