EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Edinburg police arrested a man, who they say, was involved in 27 vehicle thefts along with other charges from January through April.

Julio Cesar Vela, 22, is linked to 27 vehicle burglaries, three criminal-attempt burglaries of vehicles, three thefts (two thefts of firearms), one burglary of a habitation, and one auto theft, according to a news release from the Edinburg Police Department.

From Jan. 24 to Jan. 27, Edinburg police responded to several neighborhoods regarding two dozen vehicle burglaries between the 2100 to 2800 block of South McColl Road.

During the investigation, investigators stated a man was responsible for the burglaries and released information, as well as photos of the suspect, to the public.

On March 31, two more vehicles from the same area were burglarized. According to investigators, they believed the same man from the previous burglaries was responsible.

On April 3 and April 4, police responded to South McColl Road and Freddy Gonzalez Drive in reference to 16 vehicle burglaries with one resulting in an auto theft and burglarized home.

On April 4, San Juan police arrested Vela after a car chase from the stolen vehicle reported from Edinburg.

Edinburg Police investigators alongside the South Texas Auto Theft Enforcement Task Force, linked Vela to multiple crimes.

Vela also has a previous criminal record for vehicle burglaries and other property crimes, police said.

Vela was arraigned Monday at the Edinburg Municipal Court by Judge Hector Bustos.

Edinburg Police wants to remind the public of the importance to secure their vehicles such as:

  • Locking their car and take the keys
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • If you have a car garage, use it
  • Hide any valuable belongings
  • For any suspicious activity contact Edinburg Police