MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A man accused of public intoxication was arrested after allegedly punching a McAllen police officer in the face.

The officer punched suffered a broken left ring finger, which was reported to be crooked, and an orbital blowout fracture on his right eye. The officer’s injuries required surgery

At 2:14 a.m. Sunday, officers responded to the 200 block of South 17th Street near Frathouse bar in reference to a man causing a disturbance outside. According to a criminal complaint obtained by ValleyCentral, the man wanted to go back inside for more alcohol.

Police say they made contact with the man, identified as Ernie Cantu, who was outside the bar with his girlfriend.

Officers reported they detected a strong alcoholic odor coming from Cantu’s breath and observed his speech to be slurred. According to the criminal complaint, police observed Cantu was swaying back and forth with bloodshot eyes while speaking with authorities.

After telling the couple to leave the area, police reported that Cantu became “confrontational and uncooperative.”

Police decided to arrest Cantu for causing a disturbance downtown, trying to force his way into a bar after hours and being publicly intoxicated.

According to the criminal complaint, as police tried to arrest Cantu they had to move his girlfriend who was obstructing their path. While an officer moved his girlfriend, Cantu allegedly began to punch one of the police officers in the face repeatedly.

The man began to flee the scene but was caught by another officer and arrested with the help of others. According to the criminal complaint, there was a struggle.

An officer reported placing Cantu on the ground after he ran away. Cantu got off the ground again while still being held by an officer. After struggling on the road to detain him, an officer reported Cantu fell to the ground again, stiffened his arms and placed them under his body. The complaint states Cantu attempted to get up once again but slipped “due to the roadway being wet and slippery.” At that time, police were able to place handcuffs on him.

Cantu was charged with aggravated assault against a public servant, resisting arrest search or transport and evading arrest detention. His bond is set at $120,000.

Police reported Cantu had a swollen left eye and a laceration on his left cheek.