BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A man was arrested for allegedly shaking and almost dropping a baby, authorities said.

Fernando Ramirez Jr., 34, was charged with injury to a child with criminal intent, endangering a child with criminal neglect, evading arrest and resisting arrest, according to a release from the Brownsville Police Department.

On Oct. 5 authorities responded to the 6900 block of Austrian Pine after a 911 call was hung up.

(Source: Brownsville Police Department press release)

At the scene, a man, later identified as Ramirez, walked out of the residence carrying a baby. He told police someone inside the home was trying to hurt him and the child.

Police said he appeared to be under the influence.

While officers spoke with Ramirez, he told them he was going to leave, walked over to his vehicle and began to shake the baby while holding him with one hand.

Officers told Ramirez to step out of the vehicle. While he was stepping out he lost grip of the child, but authorities were able to catch the baby before he hit the ground, the release stated.

Ramirez began to run away from police and resisted arrest.

Moments later, Ramirez’s wife arrived at the residence and took custody of the child.

Authorities said, the baby appeared to have redness and bruising but did not have any life-threatening injuries after he was evaluated at the hospital.

Ramirez was arraigned on Oct. 6 and has a $41,000 bond.