BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — While serving a search warrant Brownsville police officers say they found an intoxicated infant in a crack house.

Yahir Jesus Saldana, 20, and Stephany Abundis, 19, were arrested on charges of manufacturing/delivering cocaine, possession of marijuana, possession of Xanax, unlawful carrying of a weapon and child endangerment.

Abundis is reported to be five months pregnant, police say.

Courtesy: Brownsville PD

Officers say on Tuesday they were serving the warrant at a home on the 1300 block of Ringgold Street in downtown Brownsville when they detected a strong smell of marijuana emitting from the house.

Through an open window, officers could see a man and woman asleep on a bed. They say they called out to the couple for 25 minutes but received no response.

Officers then noticed a one-year-old boy on the bed as well.

“The infant was dazed and confused,” according to Brownsville police.

For the safety of the baby, officers made entry through the front door. Once inside they found a boy in the living room who told them he did not open the door because he knew the police were on the other side.

The sleeping man and woman were identified as Saldana and Abundis.

When officers examined the infant they noticed that he was intoxicated. Brownsville Emergency Medical Services were called to the scene.

Courtesy: Brownsville PD

Officers say large bundles of marijuana, baggies of cocaine, Xanax and a gun located in a closet in plain view were found in the house.

Saldana, Abundis and the boy were taken into custody and transported to the Brownsville City Jail. The boy was processed as a juvenile and released to his parents. The infant was released to family members as per Child Protective Services.

Saldana and Abundis received a bond of $99,000.