Pay raise for all full-time employees at Edinburg CISD

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Pay raise for all full-time employees at Edinburg CISD (Source: KGBT) 

It is the first day for Edinburg CISD teachers and staff and they are going into the new school year with good news, a pay raise.

The salary raise applies to all full-time applies, which the ECISD school board voted on Tuesday and worked worked closely with the administration and teachers during the summer through budget workshops.

Carmen Gonzalez, vice-president of the school board said it was made possible through House Bill 3.

“House Bill 3 is requiring in the name of financial assistance to the districts to help with one, salaries and two, maintenance of the school district finances,” said Gonzalez.

According to the ECISD Interim Superintendent, Gilbert Garza Jr., the school district raises salaries by about 2.5% each year, but this year is different.

“We have been able to maintain that rate on a yearly basis, but this year the board stepped up,” said Garza. “We know we can do more, also keeping in mind the requirements of the house bill and they said we want the max for our dollar, the most that we can afford to give them.”

This year, teachers, counselors, librarians and nurses who have been working with the school district for more than six years will get a 6% raise.

Those who have been here between one to five years will get a 4.5% increase and those just starting off their career will have a 3.25% raise.

While the house bill only required the four positions to get raises, the school board went beyond the requirement and included hourly employees, administrative positions, and a $500 bonus for everyone around Christmas.

The news is exciting for 5th Grade Science Teacher, Patricia Gonzalez who has been teaching in Edinburg for about 20 years.

“With the economy and with the cost of living, you know it rises each year, this is perfect,” said Gonzalez.

And 1st Grade Teacher at Jefferson Elem., Rosemary Ramirez who has been with the ECISD for almost 30 years.

“Its been a long time coming and we need to work to help build the teachers that are now coming in,” said Ramirez to help them keep going to keep the need of coming in because once the veterans leave, we have to fill the spots.”

On top of the salary raise, the property tax rate dropped by ten cents.

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