Across the Rio Grande Valley, community members are making a difference every day.

Here at CBS 4, we are highlighting the people in our community that are paying it forward.

George Rice, A U.S. Army Veteran, has made it his mission to give back to the city that gave so much to him growing up.

Rice served in the U.S. Army from 2001 to 2010 after graduating from Mission CISD and Texas A&M University in Kingsville.

“I joined up right after 9/11. I was playing college football and I was ready to fight for my country, so I signed up as an infantry man in the United States Army and I deployed a lot,” Rice said.

After multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Rice returned to the Rio Grande Valley to start his second dream of opening up his own brewery.

“It’s almost been 4 years and I can’t believe it’s grown into this,” said Rice, “We try to give back as much as we can to our community, blue collar workers, hard workers, veterans, law enforcement, educators, nurses, it’s that service mentality has carried over from the military,” Rice said.

A military mindset is what shaped 5×5 Brewing Co. in Mission into the successful business it’s become.

“All the owners are veterans and the vast majority of our staff are veterans,” said Rice, “We’re committed to helping and paying it forward in the community.” Rice said.

In 2022, the brewery hosted multiple community events benefiting local schools, police departments, animal shelters and veteran based non-profits.

“If you see someone around you that needs help, do something. Open the door. Kindness gives back,” said Rice, “We estimated we had receipts of 708,000 for non-profits across the Rio Grande Valley and the state.”

In remembrance of 9/11, 5×5 Brewing Co. hosted a Remembrance Ruck March.

The brewery also hosted a 5K in honor of the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Association.

5×5 received national recognition the National Award for Outstanding Small Employer of Veterans by the American Legion at their 103rd Annual National Convention in Milwaukee.

The brewery’s national reward serves as a reminder to keep Rice and the 5×5 family serving the community.

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