Paseo De La Resaca Trails ongoing renovations help preserve storm water

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Since 1995 the Brownsville Paseo De La Resaca Trails have gone through renovations. Now those renovations continue in order for the trails to be commuter-friendly and prepare for future storms.

The current project for the trails consists of several things but one of the biggest parts is the $5 million seawall improvements. 

Brownsville resident and Director/Chairman of Renovations Board Bill Hudson said the plan is to install sea walls throughout eight miles of the resaca trails. The aim is to help control erosion and preserve stormwater storage capacity. 

In addition, he said renovations at the site are vital because it is a popular place for commuters.

“We got this alternate transportation system which is the eight-mile trails and it’s designed so that people can go anywhere from the community to the apartments or the residential single-family subdivisions to the schools and back without having the students cross the street,” said Hudson. 

While the seawall improvements and other small projects take place, Hudson said it is important for residents to be careful as they hike, jog or cycle throughout the area.

“You want to watch your step where the sea wall is being installed, there are construction crews, there are holes in the ground when they are backfilling stuff,” he said.

Hudson said the goal is to have the renovations completed by next spring.

He said the Paseo De La Resaca Trails have a special place in his heart because the site was his childhood. 

Hudson said throughout the years it has been a pleasure to beautify the trails, make them commuter-friendly, and looks forward to having everyone enjoy them as much as he has.

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