MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Many school districts returned to class on Wednesday from winter break. In spite of the concerns of the omicron variant, local school officials share the precautions they are taking, while parents remain concerned about COVID-19 outbreaks. 

“A child came out positive today in the school and today is the first day back to school, that was alarming,” said David Mendiola whose children attend schools with Mission CISD. 

Mendiola said he received a letter Wednesday notifying him that a student who was on school campus tested positive for COVID-19. Now, he’s worried about what’s next.

“Do we want to have our kids back at home on virtual, because this is happening and now there’s a confirmed case and what are we going to do about it?” said Mendiola.

Meanwhile, other school districts like Brownsville ISD also began classes on Wednesday. They tell us, they’ve been offering free COVID-19 testing all week.

“One of the biggest things in order for us to come back safely was identifying those who are positive so we can take them out of the system and they don’t infect others,” said Alonso Guerrero, the Director of Health Services at Brownsville ISD.

Guerrero adds if a student tests positive, they are placed in remote conferencing so they don’t fall behind. When asked about extending their winter break, Guerrero said they didn’t think it was necessary.

“The virus will still be here next week even if we postponed. Those people who are infectious this week will not be infectious next week, but those people who are not infectious this week will probably be infectious next week,” he said.

Guerrero ensured that Brownsville ISD is taking all necessary precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19, but some parents from other districts like Mendiola want testing to be required.

“It would give parents and the schools a little bit of peace of mind, okay the child got tested the results were negative,” said Mendiola.

As far as offering remote learning, Guerrero said it’s up to the state to give them that option. Guerrero added Brownsville ISD is offering COVID-19 vaccines to those students eligible for them.