A five-year-old girl allegedly sexually abused at an elementary school in the La Joya Independent School District. Parents are upset, demanding justice, and the resignation of administrative staff.

Parents at Tabasco Elementary School say they’re worried about their children’s safety. While others say La Joya ISD only cares about their image and not the students’ wellbeing.

“Why!! Why did it take so long for us parents to find out what’s going on in our school.” Shouted one parent.

“We do leave our kids here 7 to 8 hours a day. They’re in the safety, the care of the teacher, the principal, and to come home and find out that something happened to your child.” Said another. “I’m scared, I’m scared for the security of my child.” 

The incident happened back in April when a 14-year-old student mentor allegedly took the 5-year-old girl into the boys’ restroom and sexually assaulted her. Parents have started a petition to have the chief of police, the superintendent, and student services staff resign from their positions 

As the parents state, they’ve failed to safeguard the students and inform the parents.. Of a serious crime on campus.

Rebecca Solis, parent says, “A lot of these individuals, I’ve heard stories, where they’ve gone to the superintendent to get information and you know we’ll call you back later… It’s gone to student services we’ll call you back they put them on hold.  These people want answers things are happening to the kids. I mean we have another lady, her daughter has special needs. Her daughter was molested at a middle school. That’s a fresh case and it’s only been 15 days since this incident happened.. she has no answers.”

The La Joya Independent School District confirmed that an arrest was made following an investigation. The suspect is on a one-year probation.