Parents claim school buses are too hot for children

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Some parents of IDEA Public Schools raised concerns that the buses their children ride are too hot.

However, the district isn TMt violating any laws or regulations.

As temperatures hit the triple-digit mark in the Rio Grande Valley, some students braced for the heat inside of their school buses.

You get on the bus, you start sweating like a lot and you start smelling bad, said Amy Richards, a student at IDEA Public Schools.

Action 4 News went to a bus stop in McAllen where IDEA Public Schools students are dropped off. Nearly every parent told Action 4 News that the buses were too hot.

“They just got a new bus, and we were hoping that it was, you know, with A/C and you know they told me ~No, this one doesn’t have A/C either, said Richard TMs mother Amy Ayala.

One mother who did not want to give her name voiced concerns claiming students weren TMt allowed roll down the widows while riding the bus.

In a statement to Action 4 News, IDEA Public Schools said:

IDEA Public Schools is proud to provide a learning environment where students can thrive and succeed. Our school buses are part of this environment. For this reason, we implement protocols and disciplinary standards to ensure the safety of our students. Depending on the school, and due to the parking proximity of the buses, IDEA asks students to keep bus windows closed until departure. Once the bus leaves the parking lot, students are free to open the windows.

The district did not tell us whether or not the buses are equipped with air conditioning or if the district has a policy that requires them to have it.According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, any decision to require air conditioning in buses is up to the state.

There is no statewide regulation requiring air conditioning and the decision is then left up to each district, the Texas Education Agency told Action 4 News.

Action 4 News reached out to several school districts in the Valley to hear about their policies.

McAllen ISD and PSJA responded to the request.

While they do not have specific policies requiring air conditioning, all of their buses are equipped with it.

Although IDEA TMs school buses aren TMt mandated to blow air cool, Ayala would like to see a change.

“It would be beneficial for them. I do see that other school districts have their school buses conditioned. I don’t know if that’s something that the school has thought about conditioning their vehicles,” Ayala said.

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