Parent involvement necessary with kids’ school nutrition

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HARLINGEN, Texas (Valleycentral) – Vanessa Zamarripa, a mother and licensed dietitian, said parents play a huge role when it comes to ensuring their kids have the proper nutrition in school.

According to Zamarripa, meal prepping the night before and checking school menus has helped her become more involved with her child’s health.

“We will highlight the menu. Which days are you gonna be eating at school so that way we know exactly, Wednesday and Fridays you’re going to eat lunch and breakfast and that way we are able to plan,” said Zamarripa.

As a busy parent, Zamarripa said that strategy has allowed her to have the flexibility to choose when she will pack lunch for her child.

She advises parents who are struggling to give her strategy a try and choose simple healthy snacks that are easy to eat.

“Fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, things like ham and cheese roll-ups. Those are things that hold up really well if you put them in a lunch bag with an ice pack,” said Zamarripa.

Zamarripa said getting involved with her child during the meal planning has given them the opportunity to bond.

She said it is important for parents to set the example in eating the snacks being given to the child because kids tend to mimic what parents eat.

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