Pandemic ends if over 90 percent of population takes vaccine, says county health authority

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February 07 2021 06:00 pm

SAN BENITO, Texas (KVEO) — Once the COVID-19 vaccine is widely available, the Cameron County Health County Health Authority said it is important for as many people get it, otherwise the virus could surge again.

“If 90% of people had this kind of vaccine, that’s the end of the pandemic,” said Dr. James Castillo.

Once authorized by the FDA, Cameron County hospitals will receive 2,500 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, and Hidalgo County close to 12,000.  

“I’ve looked at the data; I’m confident in the safety of it and certainly the effectiveness,” Dr. Castillo said. “The effectiveness is amazing.”  

Dr. Castillo predicts months before the general public can get vaccinated, but says it is vital they do in order for life to return to normal.  

“That’s the safest way to get to the end of this pandemic and let the economy start getting back to where it was before all of this and everybody’s social life,” he said. 

Two leading manufacturers have trial results proving more than 90 percent efficacy, though children and pregnant women were excluded from testing.  

If 90% of eligible adults do take it, he says those who cannot will be at a very low risk.  

“The virus loses the ability to find new hosts,” he said. “There’s just less of it around to infect other people.”  

With the vaccine’s so new, Dr. Castillo says he understands people’s hesitance, but hopes as it slowly begins rolling out and is administered to frontline workers, their doubts are put to rest.  

“I’ll definitely be ready for the shot when it’s my turn,” he said.  

Both pharmaceutical companies in process of having their vaccine approved do require two doses.  

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