PALMVIEW, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Palmview Police Department are investigating what they believe is a murder suicide.

The alleged murder suicide happened Monday morning at a business located on West Palma Vista Drive in Palmview.

Police say they received a call at 7:16 in the morning.

“Some of the information relayed to us, to our officers was that there was somebody with a firearm at this location,” Jose Trevino, Palmview Police Chief said.

Police arrived at La Popular Home Center and determined two people were dead – a man and a woman. It was an apparent murder suicide but was there an association with the business.

“A lot of it’s very preliminary, we’re in the infant stages of this investigation. We don’t know what association they had with this business, if any. We do know that this just occurred at this location,” Trevino adds.

Blanca Ramirez lives on Flores Drive, near the business where the incident took place. She says she is very shaken up by it and it was not expected in her part of town.

“We never hear that, never here,” Ramirez said. “My grandchildren visit us often and they’re playing and, you know, hearing about these things it really, really scares me,” Ramirez notes.

She adds the crime scene was right behind her house.

Palmview police say they were assisted by other local law enforcement agencies in this investigation.

They also note that, even though the preliminary investigation indicates this is a murder-suicide, police investigate these cases as a homicide.