PALMVIEW, Texas(ValleyCentral) — The Palmview Police Department is getting ready to launch its Citizen’s police academy, where residents can get an inside look at what goes on in a police department.

The academy is a new effort to be as transparent and build trust with its residents. The academy is free and will be ten weeks long, meeting once a week on Thursdays from 6 to 9 p.m.

After applying, a background check will be done. This program is currently only available for Palmview residents, but you can always check your local police department to see what programs they offer.

“Where do your reports go from when you file a report all the way up to the DA’s office? Why does it take a long time? Why is it so lengthy? Why is it so frustrating? So we kind of explained the process to let them know why sometimes a certain report or a certain case can take so long. And, of course, we’re going to talk about other things,” said Palview police Chief Jose Trevino.

Other topics they will discuss are mental health within the community and the officers and community initiatives.

Palmview residents who want to join the force or are simply curious about the everyday tasks a police officer performs are welcome to apply. This program aims to show transparency with its residents and potentially recruit new interested officers.

It will offer a first-hand look at an officer’s duties and responsibilities, as well as how certain processes work. While not a goal, chief Jose Trevino also hopes this will prompt people to also volunteer at the department.

“Those men and women who have an interest in law enforcement, this might be a chance for them to, is it really for me so I was a career that I would like, you know, so that gives me gives them the opportunity. And it also helps us, you know, with something that’s going on nationwide, which is recruitment,” said Palview police Chief Jose Trevino.

The program is hopeful to start this summer, and class size is limited, so there’s still time to apply.