PALMHURST, Texas (ValleyCentral) – There are just over six weeks left until Palmhurst residents cast their ballots to choose their next mayor. Four candidates are now running in the special election after voters re-elected former Mayor Ramiro Rodriguez back in May. Rodriguez died before his name could be taken off the ballot for election day.

ValleyCentral spoke with all four mayoral candidates. Since this will be the first time in over 20 years that Palmhurst will be getting a new mayor, all four candidates said they want to make an impact.

“Change can be positive don’t think that is always negative you know there are a lot of issues that we have in the city itself and I want to work on those issues,” said Former City Councilman Israel Silva.

Silva wants to take on a bigger role for Palmhurst after serving on the city council for 12 years. On top of improving the city’s infrastructure, Silva said there needs to be a better relationship with residents.

“I want to be transparent it’s something that we haven’t been even in my time in the city council I want to be open I want to have the meetings online which we currently don’t,” Silva said. ” Maybe send out a quarterly newsletter so we let citizens know what is going on within the city and ask them to get involved.”

But Silva is not the only city worker looking to step up. Fred Del Barrio has served on Palmhurst’s Zoning and Planning Commission for 15 years. Del Barrio told ValleyCentral that he aims to add more park space on top of keeping other traditions alive.

“We have no ad valorem taxes here and I would like to keep it that way, we have minimum one-acre home sights here and I would like to keep that,” Del Barrio said. ” I would like to keep those traditions that we have in Palmhurst the same and at the same time enhance our city.”

Former Sharyland School Board Member Eduardo Montalvo told ValleyCentral he running not only to give back to the community but believes he can keep the same values the former mayor was best known for.

“There is so much development going on right now there’s a lot of commerce coming in and around the community by goal is to keep Palmhurst we have very strong values,” Montalvo said. ” We’re a veteran community, we have some development on the west side I would like to keep going there. But most importantly I would like to keep our community the way it has been running and conservative.”

But Attorney Ricka Tijerina is looking to make changes in the city where she grew up. Tijerina’s biggest goal is to hold the city government accountable for its residents.

“I want to make sure they are easily able to get meeting minutes agendas any sort of budgets or audits,” Tijerina said. “As it stands right now we have to fill out a public information act request and it is a long process that really shouldn’t be there.”

While Tijerina is new to the political scene, she told ValleyCentral it’s time for a new perspective.

“I think that my background is a good fit is that I am not a lifetime politician, I am not a career politician I’m coming on to this with a fresh view and fresh perspective on things,” Tijerina said.

Early Voting begins on July 25. Election Day is August 10.