EDCOUCH, Texas (KVEO) — A TikTok of a man saying goodbye to his dying dog went viral.

His name was Bear and he was a part of the family. After talking to the veterinarian, they believe the dog could have been poisoned.

“Once we found out there was nothing else they could do, that’s when I got devastated and it kind of hit me. Reality set in,” said dog owner, Gino Hernandez.  

Hernandez first noticed something wasn’t right with Bear when he lost his appetite.

“After a couple of days, I wasn’t seeing anything change and we decided to take him as quickly as possible to the ER,” said Hernandez.

Doctors soon gave him and his wife the bad news.

“The doctor actually said that it was a 97 percent chance that he was poisoned because his kidney levels were saw high. And for a 3-year-old dog it was impossible for it to happen naturally,” said Hernandez’s wife.  

She also said how they are now planning on getting a lawyer.

“A lot of people were telling us to get a lawyer like a good lawyer and I figured if I tried to get a lawyer like a really good one,” she added. “I know it’s not going to be cheap. So, I just did it to see if it will work. I spoke to a lawyer this morning and it’s pretty expensive.”

They said they are still going to try to get a lawyer even with the high price, and they are not going to replace their dog because he was a part of the family.