HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — After finding a surprise at its front door, the Humane Society of Harlingen issued a statement regarding the appropriate ways to help the animals in the community.

During a July 18 staff meeting, the Humane Society of Harlingen was surprised to find a litter of abandoned puppies at its front door. There were five puppies in the litter.

While understanding that there are many stray animals in the region, the Humane Society addressed that puppies require plenty of attention.

A Facebook post, made by the Humane Society, addressed how leaving animals at an overcrowded shelter places those animals and the ones already in the shelter in “imediate danger.”

“Luckily, we found them in time,” the Humane Society wrote in a Facebook post. “To the owner that left them outside our building — we understand why you thought this was the right thing to do, but it places us in a harder situation as our shelter is already over capacity.”

The shelter asks anyone who has found a stray or can no longer keep their pet to follow the Humane Society’s intake process.

Another option offered by the shelter is the Humane Society of Harlingen’s Reunite & Rehome page.