Over 200 PSJA ISD elementary and high school students and teachers marched on the streets of Pharr to join the global climate event on Friday, according to a press release.

PSJA ISD’s global climate march was held to join in solidarity with marches taking place in over 150 countries ahead of the United Nations General Assembly and the Climate Action Summit to be held later this month.

“Our students marched to show that PSJA ISD is with the whole world on climate change. We care about the future and we have to educate our students,” said Buell Central High School Principal, Mario Bracamontes. “The way our district has done it is to embed sustainability goals into the State’s standard curriculum.”

For a PSJA ISD student participating in the march, it was an unforgettable learning experience.

“We need to save our planet,” said Alexia Mendez, a 5th grader at Marcia Garza Elementary. “Once it’s too late we can’t do anything. Doing this march meant a lot. I feel confident because we all came here to convince people to save our planet.”

The walkout, which ended at Pharr City Hall, included students from Marcia Garza Elementary, PSJA Early College HS, PSJA North Early College HS, PSJA T. Jefferson T-STEM Early College HS and Buell Central HS.

The organized walkout was supported by the PSJA ISD leaders and the city of Pharr, said the release.