Over 20 Agencies Discuss Maritime Plan of Action

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A terrorist attack can happen at any time and at any place.

Today federal, state, and local officials meet to discuss a catastrophic event at the ports.

It’s a one of a kind meeting where agencies share their plan of action.

The Rio Grande Valley has unique geographical location.

At least 20 agencies share a plan of action.

Capt. Tony Hahn – Capt of Port with the U.S. Coast Guard says, “We collectively meet today to make sure we discuss these specific threats so when they happen we have a good plan.”

Due to security concerns, the media was not shown the plan for a potential terroristic threat. What we do know is that the agencies that would be called out for said catastrophe are talking to each other now. They are forming a plan and in some cases even identify flaws in other’s proposals.

Jaquelin Bruce, Supervisor Customs and Border Protection, tells News Center 23, “We learn a lot. We evaluate our policies and procedures. We have an opportunity to improve on our plans if needed.”

With several industries coming to the valley such as Space X or even a liquified natural gas facility, the port of Brownsville is expecting large amounts of traffic.

“We have a tabletop exercise every four years. We also have fully functioning exercise in the near future,” says, Carlos L Garcia – Chief of Police Port of Brownsville.

Unlike other border communities, the Rio Grande Valley has access to the sea. That is something that could be attractive for commerce, industry, and even terrorists.

“Port security is a team sport. We win and succeed as a team,” Says Hahn.

“We are keeping this port safe and secure at all times,” says Garcia.

The Port of Brownsville is one of four ports in the region.

It generates an estimated 3 billion dollars to the annual state economy.

Emergency closure of all activities to this port would impact the Rio Grande Valley.

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