Out of State Visitors Organize March For Family Reunification

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The separation of families along the border has caught the attention of thousands across the nation. Many of them traveling to McAllen for family reunification.

Julie Anne Chronister, march organizer says, “It is a moral crisis in our country. If we as citizens, as immigrants, as people… We have to come together to fight this, because our government is not doing it.”

Creating that change they want to see is why Julie Chronister and other visitors from all over the U.S.
decided to organize a march outside of the Border Patrol’s processing center in McAllen.

Sean Tanner, visitor, “What I came out to do, is come get an assessment of what is going on down here on the ground, and how we can bring more resources down here to show up for our children. There is no way that we can dare justify our children or any humans being resulted to these inhumane conditions.”

All who were protesting this morning want the immigrant families who were separated to be unified again. There are some who also want a more transparent government, that can possibly lead to finding better solutions to the immigration problem.

Abigail Porth, Jewish Community Relations Council says, “We believe that all Americans deserve transparency. We believe that there should be congressional and independent oversight into what is happening in the detention facilities. There needs to be compassionate and sophisticated tracking system, and we need to know where are these facilities where people are being taken. We  believe that there should be due process.”

Along with unifying families, organizers of the march say they want the government to stop deporting families and individuals who only want work in the U.S.

“We do not have an immigration crisis, we have a moral crisis. We are a free country, and people who want to come in to this world, should be embraced and not embraced with violence, which is what’s happening now.” says Julie Anne Chronister

Some of those visitors will also be using their time here to volunteer at the Humanitarian Respite Center and other shelters.

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