On Friday afternoon during a special city council session, council members voted on whether the city of Edinburg should begin to create a recall signature form, which Edinburg voters can sign to recall any of the city’s council members or the mayor.

According the city’s attorney, Edinburg’s charter did not specify how the recall process should take place.

With the majority of the council voting in favor, Mayor Richard Molina pointed out that there was more pressing business to take care of.

“This is a complete waste of time and I wish that the people that put the efforts in chasing people down give us that volunteer time here for the city,” said Molina.

Gina Alamia, one of Edinburg mayor Richard Molina’s political rivals during the 2017 mayoral election, spoke out about the vote to begin the recall process for the mayor.

“I don’t really think it’s a waste of time since it has caught national attention,” Alamia said.

Alamia is leading a recall effort against the mayor.

Most recently, Molina and his wife were charged with alleged voter fraud during the 2017 election.

Alamia said the city council took too long to allow citizens to recall Molina.

She’s been trying to gather signatures since last year.

“I think that the hold-off, the prolonging of the inevitable, was a waste of time by the council and I think it’s time to get to work,” Alamia said.

As of Friday’s city council vote, the city must create the forms in which registered Edinburg voters can sign to recall the mayor.

Edinburg’s city attorney said he couldn’t say exactly when the recall signature forms will be ready, but he said they will be ready as soon as possible.