One attorney says stimulus check can lead to divorce rate increase in RGV

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MCALLEN, Texas — Rio Grande Valley attorneys said divorce is on the rise amid the pandemic, but can your stimulus check lead to a divorce? One local attorney says yes.

“I’ve seen conflict regarding how you divide the stimulus money. What would be the best expenditure if the government benefits that came down in any manner? Which parent or partner is contributing to the household more?,” said Attorney Rick Barrera, Barrera Law Firm.

Barrera said since the pandemic began there has been a spike in divorces.

“Between the shelter in place, between the financial difficulties that people have had, people being furloughed and unemployed, the result has been more family conflict,” said Barrera.

Barrera says he is also seeing a trend with younger couples filing for divorce.

“Due to them not being economically set. They are not in positions where they have reserves, and being in a position where they do believe they have an option, to go in a different direction,” said Barrera.

Attorneys said there seems to be more stress in relationships because of the pandemic.

“Just an influx of people getting divorced, protective orders, restraining orders, custody battles. I just got out of three custody battles in the last two weeks,” said Attorney Jesus Villalobos, Villalobos Law Firm.

Barrera says he feels most younger couples are thinking short term, and not what is in the best interest of the family long term.

“To respect it for the best interest of the family unit and children and the other partner. It goes beyond thinking about yourself. Thinking beyond yourself, for the two of you, for the whole family,” said Barrera.

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