On Facebook, former DA Villalobos laments lack of fajitas in federal prison

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Villalobosâ?? brother, Alex, posted the update for him, according to the Facebook post.

Former Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos apparently can TMt find fajitas in federal prison.

At 12:59 a.m. Thursday, the disgraced former prosecutor posted on Facebook about life after leaving the District Attorney TMs Office.

I am doing well overall. Just very homesick for my family, friends and of course stuff like fajitas and pico del gallo (sic), according to the Facebook post. I have faith that some good will come from this experience and that I will be home soon.

Federal inmates aren TMt actually allowed to access Facebook or other social media websites. Villalobos TM brother, Alex, posted the update for him, according to the Facebook post, and would relay responses to Villalobos.

In February 2014, a jury convicted Villalobos of racketeering and extortion charges in the Cameron County cash for court favors scandal. U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen sentenced Villalobos to 13 years in prison.

The investigation also implicated several prominent attorneys and former state District Judge Abel Limas, who TMs serving a six-year prison sentence.

Villalobos is incarcerated at Federal Correctional Institution Ashland, a minimum-security prison in Kentucky. The inmate commissary sells taco seasonings, but not fajita or pico de gallo, according to the prison website.

I am writing down the various stories about my experiences, including the meeting of many colorful characters over the past year, according to the Facebook post. Once I have completed a few, I will post them for those of you that are interested.

I have received a lot of cards and letters, and if I haven’t had a chance to personally write you back I want to thank you for that kindness, according to the Facebook post.

Additionally, some of you have sent me cash in the letters and cards for the available creatures comforts that this place offers, according to the Facebook post. We can’t take cash so it will be returned ” those donations instead have to be sent to the main office in iowa, where they post it to my account for spending.

Villalobos also asked friends to send him pictures from home.

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