Oil company proposes drilling site in north McAllen

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Proposed drilling site in McAllen

The well would begin near Main Street and Frontera Road, according to plans obtained by CBS 4 News. Drilling would run horizontally along 10th St., almost to Colonel Rowe boulevard.

February 07 2021 06:00 pm

Editor’s note: This story has been updated. 

Texakoma, an oil company based out of Plano, is proposing a drilling site in north McAllen.

The well would begin near Main Street and Frontera Road, according to plans obtained by CBS 4 News. Drilling would run horizontally along 10th St., almost to Colonel Rowe boulevard. 

Plans show a proposed new road from 10th St. to the site, which is currently surrounded by residential property. 

The Lower Rio Grande Valley Sierra Club is trying to notify residents living in the area about the proposal. 

“The city of McAllen is only required to notify people who live within 400 feet of the well,” said Stefanie Herweck of the Lower Rio Grande Valley Sierra Club. “But, the impacts of oil and gas drilling actually are much more wide spread than that, and can actually reach out to a quarter mile or half a mile, which you know many dozens of homes and family’s would be affected.”

Some residents tell CBS 4 News that they heard about the plans through word-of-mouth. Others, didn’t know about the plans at all. 

“No, I didn’t know, but I am not in agreement with it,” said Miguel, a nearby resident. “First, because it is really close to home, and second because this is a residential area. It’s a subdivision. I don’t think it is convenient for residents.”

Documents show that the drilling would end near Northgate lane and Colonel Rowe boulevard. The proposed drilling line would be parallel to Orangewood North—a new subdivision described as an “exclusive neighborhood”.

A future resident of Orangewood North thinks the proposal for the drilling site is a bad idea.

“There’s a lot more at stake than just a natural gas well,” said President of Verturo Interests, Joey Holand. “If you look at the size of that project, the size of the other two projects, Orangewood North that is located at the east of Spanish Oaks, that’s a total of 100 million dollars of equitable tax that McAllen can see.”

Gov. Greg Abbott passed a state law in 2015 limiting local governments against fracking, but under the law, McAllen is grandfathered in—allowing the city to deny the permit.

“In the city ordinance, it says they can reject any permit applications that would lead to disadvantages, that would be disadvantageous to inhabitants,” said Herweck.

The Lower RGV Sierra Club is sending out postcards to the public, to make sure they are informed about the proposal.

Correction: This article incorrectly spelled the oil company as “Texacoma”. The oil company based out of Plano is Texakoma. This article was originally posted on Facebook with an inaccurate headline. The post has been deleted on Facebook; the current headline is accurate. 

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