LAREDO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Laredo Police Department has placed an officer on administrative re-assignment following an indecent assault.

On April 6, Laredo PD received a complaint against an on-duty police officer.

The complaint claimed that Jesus Hernandez, a 25-year veteran police officer, touched a woman in a “sexual manner over her clothes” while assisting her to locate a missing vehicle.

According to Laredo PD, on March 19 at approximately 3 a.m. officer Hernandez agreed to assist a woman at the 800 block of Santa Ursula while trying to locate her vehicle.

Agreeing to assist the complainant, Hernandez drove the complainant in his patrol car when looking for her car.

During the search, the woman claimed that the officer touched her in a “sexual manner.”

The case was turned over to the Special Investigations Unit for a criminal investigation.

On Tuesday, the case was followed up and presented to the District Attorney’s Office.

A warrant of arrest for Hernandez was issued, charging him with an Official Oppression Class-A Misdemeanor and Indecent Assault Class-A Misdemeanor.

Hernandez turned himself in the following day. He was then booked and transported to Webb County Jail with a total bond of $2,000.

Hernandez is on administrative reassignment pending the outcome of the ongoing internal investigation that is being conducted by the Office of Professional Standards, according to Laredo PD.