Nurses deploying to the Rio Grande Valley offered up to $6,000 a week

EDINBURG – The situation for Rio Grande Valley hospitals is critical. Officials said the number of patients outnumber medical staff.

“We’re running short on staff and other related equipment,” said Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez.

Hidalgo County has been granted by state officials up to 50 nurses to be deployed from across the state to assist local hospitals. During Monday’s meeting with health and county officials, RGV hospital administrators expressed their dire need for nurses.

“Our numbers are a little bit higher than some of the areas in other parts of the country but slower than other parts. Our numbers are concerning because that’s a high percentage of testing positive than testing ratio,” said Hidalgo County Health Services Eddie Olivarez.

With nearly 3,000 test results pending as of Monday morning, CEO of South Texas Health System Edinburg Lance Ames said local hospitals could soon reach capacity.

“Between our Edinburg and Children’s Hospital we have 235 beds all of our adult beds have been taken up but we have discharges daily so we accept new patients everyday,” said Ames.

Some employment agencies are offering nurses deploying to the RGV nearly $6,000 a week.

“We’re excited to have the state resource come in so that we don’t have to be pursuing all these higher rated nurses to support our system. The state, the county are going to be pulling for us so that we can have those nurses at a much more reasonable price,” Ames added.

Federal funding for COVID-19 testing sites in Texas is expected to end June 30.