Non-profit uses pageant to advocate for survivors of abuse

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MCALLEN, Texas (KVEO) — A pageant may seem to be focused on a world of glam but for the pageants of the Angels of Love non-profit organization, it is a way to advocate for survivors of abuse.

Nataly Fagan, who is the Miss Angel of Love Teen, said she advocates for child abuse as one of her loved ones is a survivor.

“I have a family member who was abused, hearing her story really hit home to me. That’s why I chose to do this pageant,” said Fagan.

Nahiely Pinky Garcia, Miss Angel of Love Elite and Shelter Chair, said, as a survivor, it is important to spread awareness.

“In my family, we had an abusive background with our stepdad being an alcoholic, so I think this is something very personal to me,” said Garcia.

According to Angels of Love Co-Director Samantha Rivera, being there for the community is important because child abuse is a common issue throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

“We see a lot of child abuse going on here locally and it’s something that needs to be reported,” said Rivera.

For many of the pageants, being part of the Angels of Love community has helped them find a purpose and Garcia considers them family.

Nahiely Pinky Garcia, Nataly Fagan, Samantha Rivera, Sofia Hernandez, Barbara Espinosa

“They are my sister queens but I’m also here for my mom who is a survivor and myself; my family and everybody that’s a survivor,” said Garcia.

Although April is commonly known for abuse awareness month, the Angels of Love organization would like to remind everyone of the importance of spreading awareness every day.

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