HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — School districts statewide are dealing with teacher and other staffing shortages due to the pandemic.

Now, the non-profit, Be A Champion is helping fill those vacancies. 

Dr. Precious Brown, Director of Educational Development for Be A Champion said the non-profit is helping the Rio Grande Valley through its Champion Fuel Food Program.

The Fuel Food program is known for helping families dealing with food insecurity. Now, the non-profit wants to help schools meet their educational needs.

“Whether it’s a nutritional gap or an educational gap, those are the areas that we want to make sure that our presence is known,” said Dr. Brown.

According to Dr. Brown, there are several services the non-profit provides within education.

“Those services can look from anything from long or short-term substitute teacher or academic tutor interventionist to work alongside students in a small group or it can look like a teacher of record because we know that right now during COVID, teachers are leaving the classrooms at rapid numbers,” she said.

Dr. Brown said the goal is to increase student proficiency with math and reading.

“We see the value from our end but we also see the value when we go into the school; they physically tell us the impact that we are making,” she said.

Dr. Brown said the non-profit works closely with the Texas Education Agency. If a school district is interested, they can call 281-833-3129 or email info@bachamp.org.