Volunteers in the Rio Grande Valley continuing their mission to welcome asylum seekers coming from South America to the United States, especially those who arrive early in the morning without any food or water.

“They need humanitarian effort and relief to make their transition better,” said volunteer and co-founder of the program, Jasmin S. Contreras. 

Their efforts are in response to the recent migrant surge that reached the Rio Grande Valley. Where thousands of immigrants have crossed the US Mexico Border, and border patrol agents, reporting that facilities are over capacity, have released the migrants to bus stations and shelters in the Valley. 

The program, Tacos for Asylum Seekers, began in mid-April and since then has prepared and delivered over 3,500 breakfast tacos, hundreds of diapers and wipes, dozens of bottles and powdered milk, and other hygiene supplies. 

“This is why we want to continue the program, and we hope that people donate and volunteer their effort, so we can basically continue to provide this service for long-term,” said another founder of the program, Gaby Zavala. 

The program’s effort also provides breakfast for the city employees and police officers who volunteer believe are doing an exceptional job of servicing the asylum seekers. 

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/Breakfast-Tacos-4-Asylum-Seekers-458637854883679/